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To our GW Hillel community-

We are deeply pained to watch the news reports out of Israel.  

This time of year often feels like a rollercoaster ride - we mark new hope for Rosh Hashanah, reflect on shortcomings on Yom Kippur, recognize the fragility of it all in our unsteady sukkahs, & on Simchat Torah we both completed our reading of the Torah and promptly began again.  We sit as a people with highs and lows, with a deep pride in what it means to be a Jew and with a sense that our place in the world can often feel uncertain.  The last several days have been a painful reminder of that.


We realize that our Jewish world is small, that siblings and parents and cousins and old friends are now in danger, and that loved ones have already been lost.  It is a reminder to all of us to stay connected - to spend less time scrolling online, and more time recommitting to meaningful conversations and offers of support.

In this spirit, we wanted to share a few updates and opportunities for the days to come:

  • A reminder that the Hillel building is always open and that staff will be present, as they always are, with open ears and offers of support.

  • Our mental health externs are here to support our student community.  Complete the intake form to schedule a time.

We send our love to all and pray for peaceful days to come.

The GW Hillel Staff, GW Hillel Board, and The Jewish Student Association

GW Hillel

  • GW Hillel Support Space- Wednesday, October 18th, 6:15 pm, 2nd Floor GW Hillel

  • Volunteer Opportunity- Blue Ribbons for Israel Campaign, looking for volunteers to distribute ribbons on Capitol Hill. Sign up HERE!

  • Thursday 10/26- Run Club is hosting a "Walk by the Water" take a deep breath and get some fresh air. Meet at GW Hillel at 4 pm. With questions contact Margo.  

  • Coming soon! In the next few days GW Hillel will have solidarity ribbons and bracelets to hand out. 

GW for Israel

GWI is tabling Tuesday 10/17, Wednesday 10/18, and Thursday 10/19  from 2-6 pm. They're also raising money for Magen David Adom with a goal of 10k. Next week, they will be hosting a call-a-thon on Wednesday 10/25 for the fundraiser and on Friday 10/27 to Congress. They will be doing a social media and poster campaign for the hostages. For more info follow @gwforisrael.


AEPi is running a week-long campaign for Magan David Adom. They will be in Kogan selling donuts, candy, and Hamsa bracelets for donations. On Thursday they will be doing a raffle with the chance to win AirPods and a $40 Call Your Mother gift card. For more info follow @gwaepi.


JStreetU will be opening up their board meetings as community processing spaces. For a list of resources and places JStreetU  supports donating to, click HERE. For more info follow @jstreetgwu.

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