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Small group learning opportunities

  • JLF- The Jewish Learning Fellowship- Make friends,make meaning, make money. JLF is an 8-week long discussion based cohort. We explore "Life's Big Questions" Like what is friendship or how do we rest? No prior Jewish learning experience necessary. 

    • Tuesdays @  6 pm starting 2/13 with Rabbi Dan​

  • Kol Yisrael- Kol Israel is a 6 week discussion based cohort. We will be exploring the idea of Zionism and the many different perspectives on the establishment of the State of Israel.

    • Tuesdays @ 5 pm starting 2/13 with Noam and Rabbi Dan 

  • GayLF- Like JLF, but gay. Allies and community members welcome! Join us for a 7 week cohort on gender, sexuality, and queer expression through a Jewish Lens.

    • Wednesdays @ 5 pm starting 2/7 with Berny​

  • SHL- Shabbat Hosting Lab- Shabbat Hosting Lab (SHL) invites students to develop confidence and knowledge surrounding Shabbat rituals, to design and execute a Shabbat skill set, and to become emboldened hosts, capable of facilitating a table experience in their own living spaces that is informed and inspired by Jewish wisdom and tradition.

    • Tuesdays @ 8 pm starting 2/13 with Rabbi Dan


Check the calendar for upcoming programs and events brought to you by these student groups!

  • JSA- The Jewish Students Association- The JSA serves as the foundation for Jewish life on GW's campus by representing the interests of all Jewish students at GW, working with other student groups and campus administration to support and celebrate the Jewish community, serve as a unified voice for the Jewish community. For questions about the JSA, contact Sara. Check the Hillel events calendar for upcoming events!

  • uGeW- Student Engagement Interns- Want free coffee and a chance to make new friends? Connect with one of our uGeW interns. Email Dan to get connected! 

  • GWI- GW for Israel- GWI is a non-partisan, pro­-Israel student organization focused on promoting education on Israeli culture, history, politics, and encouraging deeper understanding of the nuanced Israeli-Palestinian conflict. GWI fosters a tight-knit student body community that brings a piece of Israel to campus. Follow @gwforisrael for upcoming events!

  • JStreetU- GW's political home for Pro-Israel, Pro-Palestine, and Pro-Peace students. Email Noam to get involved and follow @jstreetgwu for upcoming events! 

  • Mishelanu- A community for Israeli students at GW. Share your passion for Israel, become a pro-Israel campus leader, and serve as a living bridge between Israel and GW. Email Noam to get involved and follow @mishelanu_gw for upcoming events! 

  • Kehila- Kehila provides LGBTQ+ Jewish students with a safe space where they are free to unapologetically be and present their most authentic selves. Kehila gives students the opportunity to grapple with and engage their LGBTQ+ identity, their Jewish identity, and the intersection of those identities. Follow @kehilagw for upcoming events! 

  • TAMID- TAMID at GW's program is designed to offer experiential business consulting experience. Beginning with an interactive classroom curriculum, members will progresses to hands-on experience with companies in the heart of the startup nation, Israel. Follow @tamidatgw for upcoming events and information. 



  • Birthright- Travel with other GW students for a once in a lifetime, free, 10 day trip to Israel. We partner with our friends at Hillel International to provide an amazing introduction to the land, people, culture, and customs of Israel! Questions? Contact Noam​. Applications for Winter 2023 are now open! Visit to apply!

  • Building Bridges- GW Hillel brings a cohort of student leaders of all religious, political, and academic backgrounds to Israel and the Palestinian Territories over spring break for an intensive educational journey. The purpose of the trip is to learn about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the ground, shedding an intentional light on complexities and nuances. Together, you will ask questions and listen with deep empathy. The purpose of this trip is not to solve or resolve the conflict in the Middle East, but to approach the topic with curiosity and the desire for open dialogue. We will focus on the stories and lives of the diverse people, groups, religions, and populations in the region. Apply for the opportunity to engage in conversation and learn with some of the most promising student leaders on our campus. Contact Noam​. Applications open in Fall 2023. 

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