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Wellness @ GW Hillel

We are proud to offer mental health resources through GW Hillel. To express interest in meeting with a Mental Health Extern please complete this form.

**Please note- our Mental Health Externs have wrapped up their time with us for the semester. If you are in need of immediate assistance please email Adena, We look forward to welcoming new externs and reopening our mental health services at the start of the Fall 2024 semester.**
Wellness @ GW Hillel FAQ'S

Why is GW Hillel providing this service? 

For the past few years, it has become clear to the GW Hillel staff team that the need for mental health support is great and that our students have had an increasingly difficult time securing services.  Through a great deal of research and with the support of GW Hillel Board Member Dr. Sheryl Frank, we identified an opportunity to work in partnership with GW's Clinical Psychology Department in order to host two PsyD student for approximately 6-8 hours a week.  These individuals will support students individually, host group gatherings in support of mental health, and help students identify long-term therapeutic spaces if a more appropriate approach. 


Who is eligible to receive support from our Externs?

Any currently enrolled undergraduate, regardless of background, is eligible to sign-up for services through this program.  Whether struggling with the transition to college, forging healthy relationships on-campus, navigating the anxiety & stress that comes with being a college student, etc. - all are welcome to explore these issues with our Externs.


What is a psychodynamic approach? 

Our Externs training revolves around a psychodynamic approach. A psychodynamic approach means that, together, we can seek to dive deeply into understanding your thoughts and feelings, how and why you are thinking and feeling the way that you do,where do these feelings and thoughts come from (for example, is it past experiences, is it childhood, is it something internalized from the outside world, is it something different). In addition, psychodynamic psychotherapy acknowledges the potential for the patient-therapist relationship to be utilized as a tool to provide insight into and alleviation for presenting issues. Within psychodynamic theory, there is an understanding that what occurs within the therapeutic relationship may reflect what is occurring in relationships outside of therapy.Psychodynamic theory really, honors the complexity that we have as human beings.


How Long Is Therapy? 

Our Externs will be with GW Hillel for one academic year. Students will decide together with the Externs if short term or long term work may be more beneficial. Sessions are 50 minutes long. 


Are Services In Person or Virtual? 

Sessions will be held in person on the second floor of GW Hillel. 


What is The Cost of Therapy? 

Therapy is $25 per 50-minute session and can be paid directly to GW Hillel through a secure payment site. Transactions are not visible to the public. You do not need to indicate this payment is for therapeutic services when sending the transaction. GW Hillel’s mental health services do not accept insurance. If cost is prohibitive please contact


What if I Am Interested In Sessions?/What Does The Process Look Like?

If you would currently like mental health support, are having a tough time, or want to maintain your mental health,  please complete this form. Once your inquiry is received, our Externs will be in touch with your directly to set up a first appointment which will consist of an intake.



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