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What’s better than a night to chill out with your friends?

Honestly, nothing. That’s why we love Shabbat. We are busy people. We have a million things on our to-do lists, homework to do, parties to attend – you know the drill. What’s missing from all that is the chance to  s l o w.  i t.  d o w n.

Friday nights are for you. Join us every week as we welcome our community to sit back & relax.

For more information regarding Shabbat including time, location, and dinner menu, please check our Facebook events or calendar.


We know students can’t always make it home for holidays that fall within the school year.  Thus, while we may not be able to exactly replicate Bubbe’s matza ball soup, we still aim to create a warm vibe to support all as they grow into their own Jewish identities as adults.  For all holidays that fall within the school year, Hillel is here to provide all you need – whether a Rosh Hashanah service, Purim megillah reading, or Passover seder.

Check back throughout the year for specific holiday info, or check out our calendar!

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