At GW Hillel, leadership opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. We are excited to introduce the many student leaders helping to form our vibrant Jewish community.

2021-2022 Jewish Student Association

The Jewish Student Association represents and serves the interests of all Jewish students by working closely with Hillel at the George Washington University. We partner with other student groups and campus administration to best provide support to our celebrated Jewish community, give voice to our members, and act in pursuance of Jewish laws, traditions, and values as needed.


UGeW Engagement Interns

Officially launched in April 2011, the uGeW Initiative was created in recognizing that the huge Jewish community on GW’s campus had communal, intellectual, and spiritual needs that were not being met.  Many Jewish students seek moments of meaning – but don’t always find this meaning through traditional models of Jewish practice.

uGeW provides the tools to GW students who seek to cultivate their own sense of Jewish identity – on their own terms and in a way that will reverberate for many years to come.  At the heart of this approach is 1:1 relationship building, cultivated by our fabulous class of uGeW interns.  They are ready, willing, and able to take you out for coffee, hear your story, and create the right Jewish community building opportunity for you.