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In response to students’ evolving situations regarding their internships this summer, the GW Hillel staff is excited to introduce the GW Hillel Summer Internship Program. 


Our 4 week, cohort based remote internship program will give you the opportunity to grow professionally, gain work experience, and add valuable skills to your resume while making a difference for fellow Jewish students and the GW Hillel community. 

There will be two cohorts for this unpaid internship for which you can apply: June 1-June 26 and July 6-July 31, with an estimated 10-15 hours per week. In addition to your primary project and responsibilities, all interns will participate in the following professional development skill building workshops and Jewish Industry Leader Seminar conversations featuring GW alumni.

You will also be paired off with a professional mentor to have weekly calls to discuss your work and professional aspirations. 

Interested in just joining us for the professional development sessions? Or have an interest in a field or topic not listed here- let us know and we can try to connect you with alumni who might be seeking interns!


An Internship with GW Hillel provides:


  • Professional work experience

  • Transferable skills including: relationship building, community development, project management, community outreach, data analysis, and communication

  • An opportunity for direct impact and interaction with local and university community

  • Access to leadership development, professional development, and staff resources

  • Opportunities for Jewish learning in tradition and personal Jewish identity

  • Supervision/mentorship with a Hillel professional

We are using an internship/fellowship hybrid model for these cohorts. See below for current available job descriptiont that reflect current organizational needs at GW Hillel. But do you have a particular skill set that you don’t see fitting somewhere here? Tell us what you’re good at and propose an initiative that would be exciting for you and help the GW Hillel organization! Cohorts will include students who apply for these job descriptions AND students who propose their own intern position. We also want know if your skillsets would be better for other organization/companies - we will be happy to try and connect you to alumni searching for interns.

Jewish Life/Programming Intern

  • Responsibilities might include: 

    • Outreach to incoming first year students to welcome them to GW

    • Create schedule & oversee LaunchPad early-move in program

    • Create and maintain a database of incoming Jewish students

    • Host online info sessions throughout the summer for incoming Jewish students


Development/Fundraising Intern 

  • Responsibilities might include: 

    • Planning and creation of annual report

    • Writing and proofreading grant applications

    • Interview students/alumni to help with fundraising efforts

    • Telling the story of GW Hillel to donors

    • Be part of stewardship efforts

    • Work on solicitation campaigns


Media/Community Relations Intern 

  • Responsibilities might include: 

    • Write articles about GW Hillel and new building 

    • Find Jewish media sources in which to be published and create content for publication

    • Find ways to highlight student stories on non-GW Hillel branded media outlets

    • Build connections with local Jewish organizations to identify areas of collaboration


Graphic/Social Media/Design Intern 

  • Responsibilities might include:

    • Oversee GW Hillel’s social media platforms 

    • Identify and implement new methodologies to maximize impact

    • Create GW Hillel TikTok account and create strategy for implementation.

    • Reach out to students to involve them in instagram takeovers and initiatives to help spread the GW Hillel love. 

    • Design graphics for 2020-2021 school year.


Jewish Political Activism Intern

  • Responsibilities might include:

    • Create plan and implement strategy for a Summer GW Hillel voter registration campaign

    • Compile resources about ways to get involve in Get-out-the-Vote campaigns and communicate them to students

    • Create plan for Fall MitzVote campaigns and implementation strategies, including outreach to other student organizations to find ways to collaborate. 

    • Plan and organize social justice campaigns for students to partake in over the summer. 

    • Interview students to determine ways to integrate social justice and political activism into Jewish life. 


Business Management 

  • Responsibilities might include:

    • Review and analyze data to identify core areas of impact for GW Hillel

    • Hold virtual focus groups with involved and uninvolved students to identify areas of growth in the future for GW Hillel program

    • Research other Hillels to discern best strategic practices 

    • Create list of recommendations based on research for future use of GW Hillel building

    • Create organizational strategy and implementation plan. 

    • Work on researching and drafting organizational policies. 

All students are encouraged to apply, and participation during the school year with GW Hillel and student leadership with the Jewish community are not required. Applications close on May 15. 

Questions? Please email

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